Truth about hookup sites that work

I think that there is some sort of common features all hookup sites that work and share.  I wish I could tell you that was the case.  Unfortunately, this is not true.  So many guys believe that as long as you can see this one magical feature that this website will somehow, someway give them what they’re looking for.  Of course, they’re looking for pussy.  They’re looking to hookup on a continuous and consistent basis.  Who doesn’t?

The problem is if you place all your hopes on a website in improving your chances dramatically, then you have another thing coming to you.  In many cases, it may seem that a particular website is just amazing in delivering pussy.  It turns out that you simply enjoyed beginner’s luck.  If you statistically average the amount of action you’re getting from particular site, it may even turn out that you probably getting more pussy now without a website than you were at that website.  What gives?

Well, the problem is most guys are reading too much into websites.  They’re reading in their best fantasies, they’re reading in their hopes and dreams.  A lot of these really wishful thinking.  Instead of looking at things based on what you wish to see and based on what they should be, focus on how they really operate.  Focus on reality.  If you’re able to do this, then you would be able to communicate in a clear manner with women that want to hookup with you.  Make no mistake about it.  Women join these websites because they want to hookup.  The demand is there on both sides of the equation.

The problem is when guys get it into their head that they need a short cut or that they have to use some sort of formula or they have to go through some sort of ritual, then they end up making things unnecessarily hard for themselves.  Stop doing that.  Look at these websites with a fresh set of eyes.  Imagine that you’re a visitor from another planet and you haven’t heard what the hell a hookup website is.  Your mind is blank and you’re just learning things from the bottom up. If you still don’t know than check this one out:

If you’re able to maintain this mindset, I’m telling you, you would be able to dominate those websites.  Why?  You have a sense of possibility.  You’re operating from a perspective of possibility and curiosity instead of desperation, cynicism and negativity.  You have to remember that your number one enemy doesn’t exist outside of you.  Your number one enemy is your own doubts, fears and limiting thoughts.  If you’re able to break free from those invisible chains, then you will experience tremendous success.  Why?  You have it in you.  You have the potential to turn yourself into a chick magnet.  Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.